Right Hand Professional Line Non-Swivel Rainbow Titanium

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Right Handed Professional Line Non-Swivel Rainbow Titanium Cutting Shear

All non-swivel shears have state-of-the-art convex edge blades made from Genuine Hitachi 440-A Japanese steel to help you glide through hair and stay sharp for extended periods of time. They are forged to ensure excellent balance, great control and proper blade alignment. Combined with the comfort of our patented Shark Fin handle, these non-swivel shears are a great choice for the professional stylist and are unlike any other non-swivel shears on the market. In addition you get our patented scissor fitting system to ensure that your non-swivel shears are properly fitted to your hand. These non-swivel shears have a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. At Sharkfinshears.com we offer the only ergonomically designed non-swivel shears on the market today. so if you are in need of ergonomic non-swivel shears we are your one stop shop. The Shark Fin® non-swivel shears are the most ergonomically designed and comfortable scissors on the market today!