Invisi-Tab Remi Hair Extensions 40 piece Full Head

REMI LUXURIOUS REMI HAIR WITH LONG LASTING LUSTER. Adaptability, that's the Remi hair advantage. Remi hair blends perfectly to all hair types and offers an alternative to clients of all ethnicities. Culled from Asia, which is treated and colored to match client's hair type, our Remi is real human hair. What's more? Inivisi-tab Remi Hair Extensions have the cuticle still on each strand, making hair luxurious and smooth with long lasting luster. EURO & REMI Colors 1B: Off Black | 2: Dark Brown | 4: Medium Reddish Brown | 6: Chestnut Brown | 8: Medium Ash Brown | 10: Light Brown | 12: Light Golden Brown 14: Light Ash Brown | 16: Dark Honey Blond | 24: Pale Golden Blond | 27: Honey Blond | 31: Medium Auburn | 33: Dark Auburn | 613: Beige Blond REMI Piano Colors 24/8: Pale Golden Blond/Medium Ash Brown | 24/14: Pale Golden Blond/Light Ash Brown | 24/16: Pale Golden Blond/Dark Honey Blond | 24/27: Pale Golden Blond/Honey Blond | 613/14: Beige Blond/Light Ash Brown | 613/16: Beige Blond/Dark Honey Blond | 613/24: Beige Blond/Pale Golden Blond | 613/27: Beige Blond/Honey Blond

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