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Perfect combination of quality and value

  • Fixed thermostat set at 410 degrees
  • Curved edge plate design allows you straighten and smooth, or create curls and waves in seconds
  • Advanced PTFC heater produces gentle far-infrared heat that straightens without damage
  • Efficient and cost effective to operate. Power consumption only 58 Watts
  • 12 month warranty & Free heat resistant mat/travel pouch
  • Tourmaline infused into the plates delivers negative ions to neutralize the hair’s positive charge and create calm smooth, shiny hair strands
  • Negative ionic activity neutralizes positive ions in the hair, smoothing rough hair cuticles allowing them to lay flat, sealing in natural moisture and shine
  • Nano minerals remove chemicals and bacteria
  • Seals cuticles to lock in moisture and repel humidity with negative ions from tourmaline
  • Protects color and retards fading

Product Specs:

Size: 1"                 Model: #H2002
Size: 1 3/8            Model: #H2000