Jenny McCarthy Amazing Makeover using our Invisi-tab Hair Extensions

We are loving this new look that, celebrity hairstylist, Julius Michael gave Jenny McCarthy. Thanks to his amazing talent with color and our Invisi-tab tape in hair extensions, she looks as beautiful as ever.

Just as everyone starts going blonde for the summer, Jenny McCarthy does the exact opposite. Blonde last week, Brunette this week.

Last winter Julius Michael made her platinum blonde with our Invisi-tab 18-20 inches, color 613. Julius Michael decided to go extreme and make Jenny McCarthy a chocolate brown brunette. His color breakdown consists of the Invisi-tab colors:

16" #12, 16" #613/27, 18" #8, 18" #10, 18" #24.

"Her highlights are just that, highlights, thanks to my fancy extension work provided by Want Hair." proclaimed Julius Michael.

*SIDE NOTE No bleach was used at all!

As always, its a pleasure providing hair to Jenny McCarthy and working with Julius Michael.

Anthony Barbagallo

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