How Hair Extension Tools Help In Getting You A Safe and Proper Extension Treatment?

Hair extensions offer a safe, easy and comfortable way of wearing hair long and beautiful. Hair extension tools help in making up the hair extension process as safe as possible.

If you're deciding to go for Hair ExtensionsHair Extension are your best option. They are meant to be used on the completed extensions. Thanks to fashion and technology, there are many hair extension products available in the market. Likewise, there are clip-on extensions available for those who have inserted clip-on extensions to their hair. As they attach and detach easily and you can easily get them in different colors and styles, making them a favorite among all.  If you love sticking to the idea of avoiding the monotony of looking the same for too long, there is nothing better than clip-on extensions.

Micro ring or micro clip is a common extension tool available to use to clip on the synthetic or human hair extensions. These are important tools and considered essential for those who use this style of extension. You can get micro rings in either transparent colors or in matching hair colors. Weaving threads is yet another common type of extension tool. If you're looking to go for the weaving style of hair extension, you will need weaving threads and needles to stitch on to the extended hair. Glue sticks and glue removers also come under extension tools used in fusion method of long and beautiful hair extensions.

Last but not the least, brushes used for providing appropriate care to hair extensions is also important extension tools. This is because, caring for extensions is the most important thing needed to maintain the quality of hair itself.

Here are few common types of hair extension tools


Pincers are extension tools used by most of the extension service providing hair stylists. They are readily available at any local store. They help in holding on to the keratin bonds when applying into the hair. Pincers also help in removing and replacing old extensions.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are extension tools that are used in sectioning the hair. The longer curved type grip teeth are the most common extension tools. They work better in thick hair and are easy to reposition. There is nothing better than hair clips for getting the extensions to the client’s head precisely and accurately.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Most of the extension users are resistant to the fact that after care shampoo and conditioner is required for getting the extensions looking perfect and beautiful everyday. You should keep in mind that after care shampoo and conditioner are required to prolong the life of hair treatment.

Paddle Brushes

Paddle brush is an extension tool that comes with long and short bristles to run over the bonds without the risk of combing them out. A good quality hair brush should be used on the extensions because it helps in combing through the hair easily and perfectly.

Hair Straightener

Hair straightener is an ironing system used on extensions to keep them in place. They are used to style the extensions by changing the plates to match the new extension length. It also adds to the volume of extensions. However, this can only be done on human hair extensions.

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